Belcampo Belize
Wilson Road
Punta Gorda, Toledo, Belize
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Jungle Rx

Many ancient remedies as well as many modern medicines are derived from the biodiversity of the tropical rainforest. In our Belcampo Spa, we focus on using local organic products with powerful soothing and healing properties. Our products are made here in the Toledo district exclusively for Belcampo by Casa Mascia Apothecary.

Casa Mascia Apothecary is composed of a husband and wife team: Dr. Mandy Tsang and Dr. Alessandro Mascia, two practicing medical doctors who have been farming in Southern Belize for ten years. Together they make quality botanical products from everything that they grow on the farm, using cold-pressed coconut oil as a base for their beauty and medicinal products. All plants are hand picked and everything is made in a traditional artisanal way. From the essential oils in the cool scented towels on arrival to the artisanal soaps in our suites to the chocolate and lemon grass massage oils and clove and allspice foot soaks used in our spa, we have worked hand in hand with the doctors to develop a special line of Belcampo products.