Belcampo Belize - Punta Gorda, Toledo, Belize
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Belcampo's Guides

Emmanuel Chan, who goes by Chan, is a certified guide who has been working at Belcampo Belize since 2010. Chan focuses on inland tours to Toledo’s beautiful natural sites and Mayan ruins, but birding excursions are his favorite Belcampo Belize activity. Chan is an avid birder who demonstrates a remarkable depth of avian knowledge for his young age. Mentored by some of the regions leading experts, including noted orintholigist and author of the Birds of Belize, Dr. Lee Jones, Chan is always eager to learn from other birders.

Bicente Ical, ‘Vince’, is of Mayan descent and was born in the village of Blue Creek, one of the most beautiful Maya villages in the Toledo area. He speaks 5 local languages, Kekchi, Mopan Maya, English, Creole and Spanish. Vince has been a guide for close to a decade and has worked at several hotels in Belize as a guide.  As a very experienced, safe and knowledgeable guide, Vince is our resident expert on Maya history and culture. Vince’s signature tour is a visit to Lubaantun Maya ruins followed by a swim in Blue Creek cave and a traditional lunch in his home, prepared by his Mayan wife, Cimiona Ical. Vince and Cimiona have two children, Kendry and Ornel.

Trip Advisor guest comment:
“By far the most amazing activity was the trip to Blue Creek cave and the Lubaantun Mayan ruins. This trip was lead by Vince and Chan, and is absolutely not to be missed! The cave tour was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure (no details - you have to go experience this!), and the Lubaantun tour was amazing. Vince is so knowledgeable about every detail of Mayan history and culture. We also had lunch in Vince's home, which was a wonderful opportunity! His family was gracious and welcoming, and made an amazing Belizean meal for our group. This was the type of experience every traveller should have.” 

Belcampo Belize
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The Spirit of Belize

Set in the verdant hills above the Caribbean coast of southern Belize, Belcampo is a sanctuary from the everyday world. The definition of agritourism-chic: a Jungle Lodge, organic farm and a 12,000-acre nature reserve, Belcampo Belize offers the best in local food and culture, active adventures, wildlife viewing, saltwater fly-fishing, and world-class hospitality.